The Stay Club prioritises the health and safety of both our team, as well as our community. We recognise the need to monitor developments and continuously change our operations to reflect the current situation, adhering to Government and PHE guidance. All the while, we seek to offer support to our residents who are self-isolating or in quarantine in a variety of ways ranging from the assistance of our 24/7 reception teams, to our social activities which have been moved online.

This space will be continuously updated to bring you the most recent developments within our facilities and adjustments to our services. Below you will find information on your accommodation, what you can expect from The Stay Club team, what we expect from you as well as general information on quarantining and self-isolating. If you have any further inquiries, our friendly reception team is always at hand via phone and email.



The Stay Club’s reception teams will continue to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Protection measures have been put in place, including protection screens, mats illustrating distance, staff wearing face coverings and hand sanitiser stations. We are opting to offer our residents continuous support around the clock as we have done in the past, in line with suggested safety measures for our community’s welfare and protection.

Your guests

In light of recent developments, we have reviewed our visitor policy and will not be allowing external guests within the properties for the foreseeable future. We will be issuing relevant updates on the visitor policy in this space, so feel free to refer to it as the situation evolves.


To reduce movement of staff in/out of our buildings, we have moved all residence personnel in-house. If maintenance issues occur in studio units, students are advised to notify staff using normal channels found in their handbook. Maintenance personnel will attend to issues when studios are vacant from residence and always in full personal protective equipment.

Post, packages, and deliveries

If you receive letters via post, these will be delivered to your mailbox as usual. The Stay Club reception team collects register post or parcels on your behalf and delivers them to you in a physically distanced manner. If you have deliveries to collect you will receive an email, so keep an eye out on your inbox. Don’t forget to show your picture ID upon collection! Students in a period of self-quarantine will have their items delivered to their room.

Use of communal spaces

Government guidance will determine the accessibility of communal spaces at The Stay Club. During periods of heightened lockdown restrictions, these areas may be closed to reduce the possible virus transmission.

All communal spaces will be subject to enhanced cleaning measures and physical distancing protocol. These will be signposted clearly upon entry to each space/area. Signage may indicate reduced capacity, opening times and periodic closures to ensure routine cleaning can be carried out to further safeguard students using these areas.

- Café and on-site catering – it is likely these facilities will be operating a reduced service to comply with government guidance. Capacity may be reduced to observe social distancing, students will be asked to wear masks unless seated and contactless payment methods will be in use (no cash).

- Gyms – for residences that benefit from on-site gyms, these facilities will be operational unless advised otherwise by UK government. Capacity will be reduced to adhere to social distancing measures and training ‘zones’ will be marked to ensure adequate space between visitors. Equipment sanitising products are provided and visitors to the gyms are requested to wipe down equipment before and after use. As with all other communal areas, our gyms are subject to heightened professional cleaning routines.

The Stay Club see communal spaces as an integral part of our communities and will keep these facilities available as much as possible. However, if advised by UK government to close specific areas, this advice will be adhered to. Please note, if we are forced to close facilities to safeguard student welfare, this is considered to be action ‘outside of our control’ and as a result, no refunds and/or compensation is available.

Support for self-isolating residents

We are committed to supporting our residents that are either in self-isolation, or in quarantine. If you arrive in the UK form a country that is not in the Common Travel Area list, you will need to self-isolate starting the day after you leave the non-exempt country. Please inform your residence’s site team on arrival so we can provide guidance and support when necessary with laundry pick-up and delivery, grocery and other essential items service delivery.

Fire Alarms

In the case of an emergency evacuation, you should try to maintain physical distancing and wear a face covering. However, quick evacuation to get you to safety is a priority!

Moving around inside our residences

Students are respectfully requested to wear masks whilst moving around inside our properties. When seated in communal spaces, masks can be removed.

Where residences have lifts, signage indicates reduced capacity to maintain social distancing. Students residing on lower levels of the building are kindly requested to use the stairs, whilst those staying on upper levels are welcomed to use lifts. This is to further reduce the volume of residence using lifts, maintaining a greater degree of social distance.

Track and Trace QR Code have been put in place due to the necessity of keeping everyone safe. This would notify you directly via the NHS on what to do next; whether that be self-isolation, being tested, or simply continuing as normal due to you not being of high risk.

Enhanced cleaning and hygiene

Facilities cleaning and housekeeping personnel have been moved in-house where possible. This is to reduce the footfall of staff inside/outside of the residence, and subsequent spread of the virus.

We have introduced an enhanced cleaning schedule, with a focus on communal areas and frequently touched points. You will also come across a number of hand sanitiser stations in corridors, social spaces and around our facilities; so, you can keep your hands clean even when it’s not possible to wash them!

The Stay Club operate cleaning systems/processes, all facilities and cleaning staff have been trained in the use of appropriate cleaning products and all food handling staff have received Basic Food Hygiene training. Rooms are disinfected between stays with appropriate use of cleaning chemicals that are effective against coronavirus.

Online community and events

Physical distancing doesn’t mean we don’t continue to prioritise community building within our accommodations! The Stay Club’s Events Team has numerous online events in the works. If you want to learn more or get involved, then drop us an email here:


Face coverings

Face coverings are required in all areas outside of your accommodation, within the facility. If you are interested in learning more about how to create your own face covering, then you may want to visit some of the following websites:

• How to make a cloth face covering

Physical distancing

Physical distancing is now a requirement, and it should be upheld with people who are not a part of your household. This entails a minimum distance of 2 meters from other people, including times at which the lifts are used. In addition, current instructions read that you shouldn’t be socialising with more than 5 people from outside of your household, unless these form part of your bubble.

Follow instructions

As the situation evolves, we will be updating our in-house measures and regulations. Please help us keep our community safe by following any instructions you receive within the facility. These may be communicated via our staff, signage throughout the residence, email communication and social media channels.


If your studio is situated on one of the lower floors, we would encourage you to use the stairs when possible, so as to free the lifts for residents in the upper floors or those unable to use the stairs.

Practice good hygiene

Good hygiene is key, and we invite our residents to make a note of the below good hygiene practises:

- Wash your hands frequently using soap and water. This is especially the case before and after eating, as well as in the restroom
- If washing your hands with hand and soap is not possible, then alcohol-based sanitisers are recommended
- Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
- Disinfecting surfaces often is strongly recommended; especially the ones you make frequent use of. These may include benchtops, desks and door handles
- Allow as much fresh air to enter your space by opening windows frequently
- If you feel the need to cough or sneeze, do so into your elbow or a tissue which you can dispose of immediately and wash your hands

Self-isolation and quarantine

We invite our residents to contact the reception team of their accommodation when/if the need to self-isolate or quarantine arises. Our teams are there to provide additional information and resources about how to stay safe and offer support throughout this time.

Maintenance and housekeeping

If the maintenance or housekeeping teams need to access your studio, they will ask that you leave. This is to ensure they can carry out their work safely, and we request our residents to comply when reminded to leave the studio.

Information on quarantining and self-isolating

We encourage our residents to stay up to date with the latest information, via the following links:

Cancellation policy – Semester two – January 2021

Cooling off period All bookings receive a 5-day ‘cooling off’ period starting from the booking confirmation date. If you request to cancel within this period, you’ll be released from the contract and receive a full refund. Please note, should your check-in date fall within these 5 days, this will classify as the end of your ‘cooling off’ period.
Outside cooling off period Once the 5-day ‘cooling off’ period has expired, you’ll be liable to pay your accommodation fee as per your licence agreement, however, you do have the option to find a replacement occupier (at our sole discretion).
University refusal (Semester 2) Until 30th November 2020, any cancellation requests outside the ‘cooling off’ period will be considered only if you have not been accepted into your chosen London University. Each cancellation request will be taken on a case-by-case basis and must be supported by documents confirming university refusal. If confirmed, you’ll be released from the contract but will not receive a deposit refund. After 30th November 2020 cancellations outside the ‘cooling off’ period will not be considered.
Border closure due to Covid-19 (Semester 2) We understand this is a time of uncertainty and would like to reassure you that we will accept late cancellations if you are unable to reach the United Kingdom due to entry restrictions imposed by the government you will be able to postpone your booking accordingly. Request must be sent via email before the booking start date.
Delayed start date (Semester 2) If your university start date has been deferred, you will be able to postpone your booking start date accordingly, or until 23rd January 2021 at the latest. Requests must be sent via email with the letter from your university stating that the start date of your course has been deferred. Requests must be received at least 14 days prior to your booking start date.